International Forum on Consciousness - As Above, So Below
SEP 29 2022

International Forum on Consciousness: As Above, So Below

Sep 29, 2022–Sep 30, 2022

Madison, WI

“As above, So Below” is this year’s theme, derived from the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg (1688–1772; Swedish theologian, scientist, philosopher and mystic) – more specifically, from his doctrine of the correspondence between different planes of existence, a strongly elaborated version of the classical macrocosm–microcosm analogy.

Our presenters this year bring their experiences and teachings with the intention of expanding our understanding of how an expansive view of the universe and the micro unseen worlds can transform our awareness of self amid time, space, matter and energy.

Some of the key questions that will be addressed:

• How is our perception of self, others, the environment, and the universe influenced by our current concept of time and space, as well as by our cultural, historical, scientific and religious frameworks?

• How are we transformed by encounters that are beyond our current understanding of human embodiment, intellectual framework and scientific explanation?

• What are the current limitations of knowledge and technology which impede the conceptualization of what might be considered intelligent life outside our solar system?

• With each presenter and panel, we will consider diverse perspectives on truth and reality, experiencing transdisciplinary views with different approaches to accessing states of consciousness, and as always, leaving us with more questions than answers.

The Forum will provide immersive experiences, live music, and, most importantly, time for connection and meaningful dialogue with the presenters and attendees.