Collaboration and Open Science

As a non-profit medical research organization, Usona Institute is dedicated to working for the public good through the advancement of scientific knowledge and the alleviation of mental suffering. Guided by this purpose, Usona—along with a collection of like-minded organizations, scientists, practitioners, and philanthropists—has signed a statement to make public the scientific discoveries and processes that arise from its research.

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We believe that openness, transparency, and collaboration will move this field of scientific knowledge forward most efficiently and honorably, and we are pleased to commit ourselves to this approach.

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Usona Institute will only be able to accomplish its mission of enabling and supporting psychedelic research and FDA registration of psilocybin and 5-MeO-DMT therapy through collaboration with many scientists, clinicians, research centers, expert consultants, and philanthropists globally.

We continue to build relationships and collaborations with all organizations that share our philosophy of delivering approved therapies to those in need based on safety, high quality investigational drug products, and highly trained guides and practitioners, at the lowest possible cost.