Medicinal Chemistry

Usona Institute chemists enable psychedelic science along two pathways:


Our goal is to enrich the available library of psychedelic research tools and to provide this as a resource to directly support multidisciplinary scientific collaborations and the development of effective and safe psychedelic medicines. Usona’s chemists focus on studying materials with known histories of human use alongside the discovery of new psychedelic structures, providing innovative resources and tools to inform the mechanisms of action, safety pharmacology, and medicinal potential of psychedelics.

Chemist looking at liquid in a beaker


Chemistry process research is central to Usona’s mission of supplying pharmaceutical-grade psychedelic drug products that meet the strict regulatory requirements necessary to support human clinical trials and related studies. Our chemists provide expertise in modern analytical techniques, automated synthetic workflows, and statistical design to achieve manufacturing processes able to consistently provide high-quality active pharmaceutical ingredients in support of cGMP manufacturing. Current efforts are focused on optimizing the manufacturing protocols and scalability for the two primary compounds used in our clinical trials, psilocybin and 5-MeO-DMT.

Synthesizing psychedelic compounds in the lab