As a medical research organization, the Usona team collaborates with scientists, clinicians, and leaders worldwide to help expedite the knowledge and the work. These collaborations have inspired a number of Usona programs that complement clinical research including: Medicinal Chemistry, Investigational Drug Supply, and Training/Education.

The Usona team brings a range of proven and published expertise. Our scientists, clinicians, researchers and clinical administrators hold advanced skills in psychiatry, integrative medicine, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical manufacturing, quality assurance and regulatory affairs in multiple countries.

Current Trials

Our current clinical trials are aimed at evaluating the safety and efficacy of psilocybin and 5-MeO-DMT within the strict guidance of the US Food and Drug Administration and other regulatory bodies.

Learn More About Our Psilocybin Clinical Trials Learn More About Our 5-MeO-DMT Clinical Trials

Global Collaborations

Today, through research, training, and our Investigational Drug and Materials Supply Program, Usona teams work with a network of scientists around the world who are advancing research in the field of psychedelic sciences.

Global map depicting where Usona collaborates around the world.