Campus Overview

Designed for the Scientific Understanding and Therapeutic Application of Psychedelic Therapies

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The Usona Institute Campus was intentionally designed to cultivate community, partnerships, and possibilities centered on our mission – to further the scientific understanding and therapeutic application of consciousness-expanding medicines. We believe in open science and furthering open dialogue about psychedelic therapies through diverse education programs and workshops. With space that can accommodate over 70 attendees, our campus serves as a hub to support the study and development of psychedelic therapies and best practices, in preparation for future delivery of care, upon approval.

Administration Wing

Building an infrastructure to help support our momentum and avenues for growth is crucial to the success of our research, educational programs, and mission. Our campus is not only a place for the gathering of mission-aligned individuals and thought leaders joined together on a collective journey, but for our team to propel the scientific, clinical, and educational role we play in the field of psychedelic therapeutics.

Functional Work Areas

When entering Usona Institute, chances are you’ll interact with our team members who work regularly on-site and are often engaged in the various events taking place throughout the building. Open and flexible workspaces allow for greater collaboration across our organization and create an environment that supports innovation and curiosity.

Training and Education Facilities

The campus was thoughtfully planned with the opportunity to offer a variety of immersive learning experiences, open exchange of ideas, and knowledge sharing. With an inviting and aesthetically designed environment, complemented by a team of subject matter experts and knowledge leaders, our campus is an ideal setting for curriculum and immersive programs aimed at preparing the first generation of leaders in science, clinical research, healthcare, and academia.

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Amenities and Features

The open concept of our space lends itself to a harmonious experience heightened by natural woodwork, curated art and installation pieces aimed to inspire creativity, and unique features built with a long-term view of sustainability. With a fully-equipped commercial kitchen, catering services, wood-burning fireplaces, wellness center, and on-site guesthouses, the Usona campus fosters an environment for connection and innovation.

Unique Spaces for Unique Minds

Therapy Wing

Our therapy wing was created with careful consideration for the interdependence of physical and mental well-being. With customized therapy rooms, along with group therapy spaces, including sound, light, nature, and hydrotherapy, we’re able to provide a diverse range of therapeutic and sensory experiences for our visitors.

Wellness Center

In addition to the state-of-the-art training facilities, the campus also offers an elegantly crafted hydrotherapy center, therapeutic massage, and somatic therapy rooms. These spaces provide a tranquil setting, further enhancing the therapeutic and wellness journey.

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