About Usona Institute

Mission and Vision

“The fact that a molecule, used just one time can change a person’s view of life and death is remarkable” - Bill Linton, Executive Director, Usona Institute.

Witnessing the profound impact of a psilocybin-based trial on a friend with terminal cancer, Bill Linton Co-founded Usona Institute.

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Usona was co-founded in 2014 by Bill Linton, CEO and Founder of the international life sciences company Promega Corporation, and Malynn Utzinger, M.D. and Director of Integrative Practices at Promega Corporation.


Usona Institute is a medical research organization dedicated to supporting and conducting basic, pre-clinical and clinical research to further the scientific understanding and therapeutic application of consciousness-expanding medicines.

Our focus is the treatment of society’s most challenging mental health conditions for which existing treatments fall short.

Rendering of the new usona campus and outdoor space


Usona Institute is founded on the principle that the values of science, business, and human well-being intersect in ways that enable creative solutions to flourish and benefit humanity. Acknowledging these interdependencies, Usona cultivates its environment to allow employees to flourish, develop deep and enduring relationships with all constituencies, explore new perspectives and possibilities, and create life-changing experiences for every individual.

Chemist in the lab