AUG 31 2023


Aug 31, 2023–Sep 1, 2023

Berlin, Germany

The MIND Foundation’s INSIGHT conference series is at the forefront of psychedelic research and therapy. This year’s edition places an additional focus on societal topics such as secular spiritualities.

INSIGHT 2023 will be even greater, for example, by adding new elements such as multilingual conference tracks, invited symposia, and policy interaction. Participatory formats will allow us to openly discuss the pressing questions of our time, such as:

  • How can we critically learn from the past and ongoing studies?
  • Which therapist trainings have evolved, and how to assess their quality?
  • What is needed to make the transition from scientific research to societal integration?

    INSIGHT 2023 will also report results from the largest science-initiated psilocybin study so far: the German EPIsoDE trial.

    We are building bridges between physicians and psychotherapists, researchers, and the psychedelic industry and closing the gap between practitioners and the academic world of psychedelic research.

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